Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Recent Guest Reveiws

The Columbia Inn at Peralynna is known its' exceptional service and guest satisfaction. These recent reviews are proof that the Peralynna is Maryland's best bed and breakfast and the perfect choice for your next getaway.

"Coming back each day to a freshly spruced up room and a fresh cup of coffee (or wine) was a great experience all summer, and having a custom made to order breakfast every single day was a great way to wake up. Most days, I would descend the stairs to the smell of fresh sizzling bacon. 
The rooms themselves are all unique. Top quality (and size) mattresses, elegant bathrooms (some just good, others are truly superior), and balcony access (most rooms have this, and some even have two) are all great amenities."

"This property in Columbia is close to the city, but feels like you are miles away. I really enjoyed the Z suite with the patio out front and the spacious room. Breakfast was great and the staff was outstanding."

"The room was beautiful and the staff are exceptional. They went to extra lengths to make our wedding night extraordinary. Highly recommend this wonderful establishment."